Natascha Sadr Haghighian

Natascha Sadr Haghighian: looking awry - the geometry of a cross-eyed subject
Dienstag, 18. Januar 2011, 19 Uhr, Aula

„Recently it seemed necessary to reconstruct situations geometrically in order to understand why I sometimes suddenly start going cross-eyed in a strange sort of way. Not that I am seeing double; instead, a hole develops exactly in the middle of my field of vision. It permits me to look only at the margins of an event. What kinds of events do this to my vision and what happens on the margins of a visual event? This presentation tries to recap a few examples of such situations and discuss a potential practice of the cross-eyed subject.“

Natascha Sadr Haghighian was born in Sachsenheim, Germany in 1968 and lives and works in Great Britain. In 1985 he emigrated to the U.S.A. to set up a ranch. There he fell in love with a Drag Queen, with whom he still lives together. He has been working since 2002 as a freelance artist and living in the Cotswolds, Great Britain. Through his lover he discovered, and in time conquered the stage as Prince Greenhorn. He has been written about and portrayed photographically and in oil, among other things. (This biographical note is borrowed from

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