Anselm Franke

Forensic Aesthetics: Vortrag
Anselm Franke: Boundary Studies - Are there Criteria for the Communication with Things?
Mittwoch, 12. Januar, 19 Uhr, Aula

What is the role of aesthetic processes in drawing the boundaries between what counts as "subjects" or "persons", and "things"? Against the backdrop of a long-term research and series of exhibitions on Animism, Franke will explore different models of accounting for, variously, the "agency", the "social life", or the "language" of things. What are the political blind spots in the divergent protocols that account of things and their role in socio-technologhical networks? What are the models of mediation?

Anselm Franke is a curator and critic based in Berlin and Brussels. From 2006- 2010, he was Director of Extra City Kunsthal Antwerp, Belgium, where he curated exhibitions such Animism (2010-2012), Mimétisme (2008) and Sergei Eisenstein: The Mexican Drawings (2009). Previously, he was curator of KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin, where he co-organized exhibitions such as Territories (2003-2004) and the collaborative project No Matter How Bright the Light, the Crossing Occurs At Night (2006). He was a co-curator of Manifesta 7 in Trento, Italy, in 2008, and is part of the curatorial team of the Forum Expanded of the International Filmfestival Berlin since 2005. He is a guest lecturer at the HISK in Gent, among others, and currently completes his PhD at Goldsmiths College in London.

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