Richard Jackson

Richard Jackson: Unusual Behavior - Expanded Definition of Painting
Montag, 23. April 2012, 19 Uhr, Aula

Since the early 1970s, Los-Angeles-based artist Richard Jackson has expanded the definition and practice of painting more than any other contemporary figure. Beginning with his large scale site-specific wall paintings and room-size painted environments, and continuing with his monumental stacked canvases and more recent anthropomorphic painting “machines”, Jackson’s wildly inventive, exuberant, and irreverent take on Action Painting has dramatically extended its performative dimensions, merged it with sculpture, and repositioned it as an art of everyday experience rather than one of heroic myth.
Jackson´s work was shown in numerous exhibition such as ‘Art about Art’ (Whitney Museum of American Art, 1978), the Venice Biennale (curated by Harald Szeemann in 1999) and ‘The Artist’s Museum’ (MoCA, Los Angeles, 2010). In his lecture at the Städelschule Jackson will show examples of 35 years of work and try to explain himself.