Rebecca Bligh: "Autism: Systemizing, and Styles of Thinking."
Mittwoch, 16. Dezember, 19 Uhr, Aula

Die Veranstaltung findet in englischer Sprache statt.

The lecture will explore current theories of autism; those of Professor Simon Baron-Cohen of the Autism Research Centre in Cambridge, and those of Dr. Temple Grandin, next to “Rain Man” the most renowned autistic person on the planet. Particular attention will be paid to the relevance of 'brain sex' to the tendency to 'hypersystemize' (Baron-Cohen) and to the various thinking styles Grandin describes as typical of autism, understood, in both cases, as extremes on a continuum to which we all belong, neuro-typical and -atypical alike.

Rebecca Bligh is a London-based writer and academic who is doing a PhD at Goldsmiths on the French phenomenologist Henry Corbin. Outside the confines of doctoral research, Rebecca has published on diverse subjects, most recently “Readers Wives” pornography, and libraries.