Peter Fend: Konsequenzen von Kunst
Donnerstag, 5. November, 19 Uhr, Aula
Die Veranstaltung findet in englischer Sprache statt.

In cooperation with "Other" (Frankfurter Kunstverein) and "Other" (Dom Museum) showing
Peter Fend "Fluege ueber: Afghanistan auch Iran"
from 5. Nov - 22.Nov. 2009
Opening: 4. Nov. 9pm
Curated by Oliver Heinzenberger and Shane Munro

On the principle that art should do more than just sit there looking pretty, Peter Fend established the Ocean Earth Development Corporation in 1980. A blend of Conceptual art, activism and entrepreneurship, it tackles environmental problems through an application of art-as-concept.
The group‘s aim is to fulfil the architectural requirement for living waters, clean air, circulatory space and territorial integrity. They also use satellite imaging to monitor and analyze global ecological and geopolitical hot-spots, largely for media clients. Considering the world a living earthwork, ecological aspects are linked to and interconnected with artistic aspects.
Mr. Fend's influences are varied, ranging from hard science to hard-thinking artists like Robert Smithson and Joseph Beuys.
Peter Fend lives in New Zealand.

In the show "Fluege ueber: Afghanistan auch Iran" he represents an enlarged Exxonmobile-ad to expose how they blocked his 2 million dollar grant for renewable fuels and presents a Scenario of renewable fuels for the flyway from Somalia over Afganistan to the Aral Sea. The technology is being developed at Ruhr 2010.