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Rivane Neuenschwander:
Wednesday, 13th May, 19h, Aula

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Rivane Neuenschwander's art has the precisely orchestrated, unforced economy of what she has termed "ethereal materialism". Often apparent is her fascination with serendipity and the agency of living systems, such as garden snails that munch away at rice-paper squares or ants that orchestrate a parade of confetti dots. The activation of sensory memory and trusting the realization of her work to the generosity of other people or nonhuman organisms frequently sparks Neuschwander's work to life. In I Wish Your Wish, the artist invites viewers to select a ribbon imprinted with a wish and leave behind a wish of their own. The ribbon can be tied to the wrist and worn until it falls off at which point the wish may be realized. Another work, the video Pangaea (2008), takes its title from the vast land mass that existed on earth about 250 million years ago, before this "supercontinent" broke apart into the land masses we know today. Neuenschwander used a stop-frame animation technique to record hundreds of ants as they crawled over and ate a plate of carpaccio meat, giving the viewer the sense that these tiny insects are moving and shaping an evolving map of the world.

Rivane Neuenschwander lives and works in Belo Horizonte (Brazil). Her work was shown in major group exhibitions such as the Venice Biennale 2005, São Paulo Biennale 2008, „Life on Mars“ at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh (2008) and „50 Moons of Saturn“ (Torino Triennale, 2008). Her solo shows include „Spell“ at Portikus (2001), „Suspension Point“ at Sounth London Gallery (2008), and „To/From: Rivane Neuenschwander“ at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis (2008).

The Architecture Class presents:
Post-Medium Architecture – Public Lecture Series Summer Semester 2009

Sylvia Lavin:
Kissing Architecture. Super-Disciplinarity and Confounding Media
Thursday, 14th May, 19h, Aula

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Sylvia Lavin is Professor of Architectural History and Theory at UCLA, where she was Chairperson from 1996 to 2006. Currently, she is Visiting Professor of Architectural Theory at Princeton University's School of Architecture. A leading figure in current debates, Lavin is known both for her scholarship and for her criticism in contemporary architecture and design.
She has published „Quatremere de Quincy and the Invention of a Modern Language of Architecture“ (MIT Press, 1992) and „Form Follows Libido: Architecture and Richard Neutra in a Psychoanalytic Culture“ (MIT Press, 2005). Her next book, „The Flash in the Pan and Other Forms of Architectural Contemporaneity“ will be published by MIT Press in 2009 and she is working on a series of exhibitions on design culture of the late 1960s. She is an editor of „Crib Sheets“, a compilation of polemical writings and sound bites on current buzzwords issued by Monacelli press.