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Haegue Yang: Siblings and Twins
Lecture: Wednesday, 14th May, 19h, Aula
Opening: Friday, 16th May, 2008, 20h, Portikus
Exhibition: 17th May – 29th June, 2008

Haegue Yang is showing a new installation at the Portikus entitled Siblings and Twins. The work is composed of two parts that are connected by substantial metaphorical parallels yet formally distinct. Yang’s current works are based on subjectively selected aspects from the lives of a variety of historical characters. In the case of Siblings and Twins these are the fighter for Korea’s freedom Kim San and the French author Marguerite Duras. The specific interest is here primarily in the transfer of subjectively felt intensities that underlie the public perception of these characters and the circumstances of their lives into an abstract form.
Haegue Yang’s artistic approach is marked by a particular interest in the language of abstraction, and in particular in how the rhetoric of formal abstraction might make it possible to relate abstractly conceived complex facts about the world in a self-supporting language. Using everyday materials and objects such as blinds, metal structures, light bulbs, perforated metal sheets, and spotlights as formal means, Yang creates an exhibition situation in which the visitor is called upon to face—both physically and intellectually—the plurality of possible interpretations.
Haegue Yang studied in Frankfurt in the class of Prof. Georg Herold. Her work was exhibited recently in Lethal Love, Cubitt Gallery, London and on 55th Carnegie International, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh.

ACCESS TO ISRAEL I: Israeli Contemporary Art
with Amy Simon and Nahum Tevet
Thursday, 15th May, 20.30h Aula
Moderation: Georg-Christof Bertsch

Opening: Thursday, 15th May, 19h, Jüdisches Museum Frankfurt am Main, Untermainkai 14-15, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

ACCESS TO ISRAEL I marks the start of a series of exhibitions and events in the Jewish Museum Frankfurt aimed at providing intellectual access to Israel. This first exhibition seeks to bring together as broad a spectrum as possible of artistic media. For example, photo works, video installations, painting and sculpture. ACCESS TO ISRAEL I deliberately deals with topics that crop up in almost every discussion or report on Israel, i.e., the political conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, the presence of military and its importance within Israeli society, and attitudes to Jewish identity and history. The artists examine them from an individual perspective.

In cooperation with the Jewish Museum Frankfurt am Main the Städelschule has invited Amy Simon (ARTFORUM) and Nahum Tevet (Dean MFA, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem) to have a discussion on contemporary art, conditions of teaching and practicing art in Frankfurt and Jerusalem and what importance theses roots have for artists today. Since many years the Städelschule has a student exchange program with the Bezalel Academy, founded in 1906. Upon the 100th anniversary in 2006 graduates from Städelschule were invited to show their work within the exhibition by Bezalel.