Keith Connolly und Tom Thayer: IT’S HOUSE

Keith Connolly und Tom Thayer: IT’S HOUSE
Freitag, 4. Dezember 2015,  21 Uhr, Mousonturm Frankfurt

A multimedia performance portrayal the album of the same name, produced by L. GRAY for HALATERN, etc. Through IT’S HOUSE, Thayer + Gray collaboratively unpack shifting + subjective palaces of memory, revisiting places real + imagined, to transform the idea of set duration in pursuit of an as yet unrealized EVACUATION MUSIC.

“Working in animation, installation, and music, TOM THAYER employs a ‘naïve’ look to provide access to a variety of experiences often marginalized by art: adolescent obsessions, visionary mythologies, and private fantasies that delve deep into the unsettled recesses of gesture and mimetic storytelling… As an educator, Thayer is interested in theories of collaborative pedagogy, including the musical experimentation developed in England around Cornelius Cardew and his Scratch Orchestra, a compositional project conducted entirely by untrained, amateur participants. In Thayer’s own collaborative workshops, theatrical scenarios—including shadow puppetry and sound collage—are intended to ignite what he calls the “creative power of collective action.” His longstanding interest in psychedelia, seen from this perspective, takes on new significance: the psychedelic, before it was consigned to a period style, aimed for a new form of sociability
based on unmediated sensory communication. Through his work, Thayerrevives its potential.
—Michael Sanchez"

L. GRAY is the performing anonym of KEITH CONNOLLY a founding member of The No-Neck Blues Band (NNCK), an improvised music collective based in NYC for 20+ years. In addition to his work with NNCK, he is the co-creator (along with curator Jay Sanders) of the NUMINA lente festival, as well as part of the theater company New York City Players, and a contributing music editor for BOMB magazine.

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