Themroc: Screening presented by Time/Bank
Donnerstag, 12. Mai, 19Uhr, Portikus

Time/Bank is pleased to be screening the 1973 cult classic Themroc by director Claude Faraldo. Made on a low budget with no intelligible dialog, Themroc tells the story of a French blue collar worker who rebels against modern society, reverting into an urban caveman.

Themroc (Michel Piccoli) goes to work one morning, the same as every morning, but there's a difference this time - as the day draws on, Themroc realises he's had enough of the same old routine. While up a ladder to paint the outside of an office block, he ogles the secretary being dictated to by his boss, then his boss catches him and calls him into his office. This causes Themroc to snap, and he walks out with plans to send himself back to the stone age. When he gets home, he sets about sealing himself into his bedroom and smashing down the outside wall to create a cave. His anarchy is catching - soon his neighbours from across the street are doing the same and it's not long before the media and the police are taking an interest. Because he is breaking the rules of society, the authorities must find a way of containing Themroc before he starts a trend - his antisocial behaviour is surprisingly attractive to the ordinary people around the city.