Globe: Cao Fei

A Three Days Treatment
Mit Daniel Birnbaum (Stockholm)
Cao Chong’en (Guangzhou/Vancouver)
He Yufan (Beijing)
Nikolaus Hirsch (Frankfurt am Main)
Huang He (Guangzhou)
Huang Shan (Guangzhou)
Jiang Jun (Beijing)
Jiang Zhi (Beijing/Shenzhen)
Zafka Zhang (Beijing)
Zhang Wei (Beijing/Guangzhou)
Mittwoch, 30. März - Freitag, 01. April 2011, 18 - 24 Uhr

Globe - Art, Music and Performance in den Deutsche Bank-Türmen, Taunusanlage 12, 60325 Frankfurt
Robert Johnson Live Safer Bar feat. Tobias Rehberger
Kuratiert von Daniel Birnbaum, Nikolaus Hirsch, Judith Hopf, Willem de Rooij

Mittwoch 30. März
17:00 – 00:00 Cao Fei / Film
19:00 – 20:00 China Tracy, Coffee Yoga - Class One: Decaf
19:30 – 21:30 Cao Chong‘en, Clay & Belief / Live Sculpturing
22:00 – 23:30 Cao Fei, Father / Film

Donnerstag 31. März
17:00 – 00:00 Cao Fei / Film
19:00 – 20:00 He Yufan, Jiang Jun, Zafka Zhang, Coffee Yoga - Class Two: Double Espresso
20:00 – 21:15 Nikolaus Hirsch, Daniel Birnbaum, Cao Fei, Zhang Wei, Jiang Zhi, The Pavilion / Talk
21:45 – 22:30 Jiang Zhi, Moment / Film

Freitag 01. April
17:00 – 00:00 Cao Fei / Film
19:00 – 20:00 Coffee Yoga – Class Three: Black Coffee
20:00 – 21:00 Huang Shan, Huang He / Fengshui Performance
21:30 – 22:30 Cao Fei, i Mirror, Live in RMB City / Film
23:00 – 00:00 Zafka Zhang | Music

In her installations, Cao Fei combines influences of global
pop culture with elements from the Peking Opera and
dance. She works with film and animation, as well as on the
internet. She realized her project RMB City on “Second Life”,
as a utopian city where avatar China Tracy acts. For “Globe”
Cao Fei will introduce a completely new artistic practice:
visitors can practice coffee yoga with China Tracy and experience
what the Frankfurt School and Zen have in common.
In addition to the performance Two as One by He Yufan
and Jiang Jun the program includes a live sculpturing by
Cao Chong'en, music by Zafka Zhang, a Fengshui-performance
by Huang Shan and Huang He as well as the discussion
The Pavilion. Cao Fei talks with Daniel Birnbaum,
director of the Moderna Museet, Nikolaus Hirsch, rector
of the Städelschule, Beijing artist Jian Zhi and Zhang Wei,
director of Vitamin Creative Space, Guangzhou.

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