Boris Buden

Forensic Aesthetics: Vortrag
Boris Buden: History is a corpse
Donnerstag, 13. Januar, 19 Uhr, Aula

The lecture reports on a case study in which a means of architectural visualisation are deployed to forensically analyse the historical process of desecularization. The method is highly rhetorical and can be directly translated into the liberal theory of secular state. One looks into history with a sort of forensic interest, as into a corpse that can provide useful information for the court proceedings.
Boris Buden is a writer and cultural critic based in Berlin. He received his PhD in cultural theory from Humboldt University in Berlin. In the 1990s he was editor of the magazine Arkzin in Zagreb. His publications cover the topics of philosophy, politics, cultural and art criticism. Recently published: Zone des Übergangs, Frankfurt/Main (2009).

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung durch kulturfonds frankfurt rheinmain und Heinz und Gisela Friederichs Stiftung.