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Christoph Menke: The Aesthetic Critique of Judgment
Response: Isabelle Graw/Daniel Loick
Wednesday, 17. June, 19h, Aula

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This talk will address the question of aesthetic judgment. It will shift the attention away from the usual fixation on criteria and focus instead on more fundamental questions, such as: what is the role of judgment in the aesthetic field? How do we judge in aesthetic matters and why do we judge at all? It is the aesthetic judgment itself that is presented as a problem full of paradoxes.
Christoph Menke is professor of philosophy at the University Frankfurt/Main. He is the author of seminal studies on aesthetic such as "Die Souveränität der Kunst: Ästhetische Erfahrung nach Adorno und Derrida" (1988) or "Die Gegenwart der Tragödie. Versuch über Urteil und Spiel" (2005). He also contributed to the debates around political philosophy, as with "Spiegelungen der Gleichheit" (2000) or "Philosophie der Menschenrechte" (2007). He regularly contributes to "Texte zur Kunst."

The Architecture Class presents:
Post-Medium Architecture – Public Lecture Series Summer Semester 2009

George L. Legendre: Surface Goodness
Thursday, 18. June, 19h, Aula

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Exploring the intersection between spaces, mathematics, and computation, George L. Legendre has developed a body of work that oscillates around the notion of “surface”. The literal and metaphoric meanings of the “superficial”, statements of computer programming syntax, indexical poetry, mathematical asides and descriptions of nemmerically controlled fabrication processes – all of which offer the very same thing: the surface as object of knowledge.

George L. Legendre is a London-based architect and educator. He graduated from Harvard Graduate School of Design in 1994 and served as lecturer and Assistant Professor of Architecture at the GSD from 1995 to 2000. Prior to founding IJP Corporation (IJP), his London-based office, he was visiting Professor at the ETH Zurich (2001), Princeton University (2003-05), and the Architectural Association in London, where he served as Unit Master of Diploma Unit 5 (2002-2008). His practice has just completed Henderson Waves, a 1000-foot-long bridge located in Singapore. In 2007, the influential UK weekly Building Design elected the 3-year-old office as one of the top 5 practices in Britain led by principals under the age of 40.

The work of George L. Legendre has been featured worldwide, most recently as the cover feature of AA Files 57 (London 2007), Architectural Review, and Icon Magazine (both London 2008). A regularly published essayist, George L. Legendre has written IJP:The Book of Surfaces, as well as Bodyline: the End of our Meta-Mechanical Body, and a Critical essay in Mathematical Form: John Pickering and the Architecture of the Inversion Principle (all AA Publications, 2003-06).