Herzliche Einladung zu den Veranstaltungen der Städelschule!

Judith Hopf: Doors - Count
Wednesday, 17 December, 19h, Aula

Die Veranstaltungen findet in englischer Sprache statt.

Judith Hopf takes the Portikus exhibition "Türen" (2007 in collaboration with Henrik Olesen) as an starting point of her lecture to exemplify further and recent projects and works.

Doors showed a collaborative project developed by Judith Hopf and Henrik Olesen. Doors offered passageways, entrances and exits, detours and cul-de-sacs, and repeatedly asked the viewer to come to a new decision. The different possibilities of action - opening doors, moving (backward) in space - engender new spatial constellations. They affect what is behind, what remains initially hidden from view, and necessitate unforeseen changes in direction and sidestepping gestures. This sculptural space, conceived as a model and designed in the manner of a stage setting, at once also presents an exaggerated delineation of social patterns, in which limitations, compulsions, contradictions and strictures, but also possibilities for decisions emerge into view. In a similar manner, Judith Hopf and Henrik Olesen also approached the subject of spatial and personal demarcation by means of film.

The new Film of Jdith Hopf, Zählen! (Count!) is about the unusual story of Wilhelm Von Osten, a Berlin high school mathematics teacher, phrenologist, showman and mystic. At the beginning of the twentieth century, working from Darwinian postulates, Von Osten successfully managed to train his horse Hans in elementary arithmetic. The horse quickly became a sensation, making the front cover of The New York Times and prompting the German board of eduction to convene a 13-man board of inquiry. The Hans Commission reported back in 1907. Analyzing the Hans’ arithmetical acumen in terms of what would henceforth be called the ‘Clever Hans effect’, the commission concluded that the horse’s true acuity lay in the realms of psychology. Zählen! is her most recent exhibition in the Gallery Croy Nielsen, Berlin, which ended last week.

Judith Hopf is professor for Fine Art at Städelschule.

The Architecture Class presents:
The Pavilion: Interim Passage and Polemics in Art & Architecture - Public Lecture Series Winter Semester 2008-9
- a series of public lectures that address the pavilion as typology and idea in relation to architecture and the arts.

Philippe Rahm: Meteorological Architecture
Thursday, 18 December, 19h, Aula
Alle Veranstaltungen der Architekturklasse finden in englischer Sprache statt.

Philippe Rahm´s lecture at the Städelschule investigates the concept of architecture as a physiological environment. Dealing with physiological and often invisible aspects of space the Paris-based architect raises the possibility that climate can replace the typology, function and form of what we use and define as architecture.

Philippe Rahm´s work has been shown in numerous exhibitions such as the Swiss Pavilion at the 8th Architecture Biennale in Venice and "Digestible Gulf Stream" at Architectural Venice Biennale 2008, San Francisco MoMA (2001), Museum of Modern Art in Paris (2001), Tirana Biennial 2001, "Form & function follow climate“ at CCA Kitakyushu (2004), Mori Art Museum (Tokyo, 2005), Centre Pompidou (2003-2007 and Manifesta 7. He has held academic positions at the Architectural Association in London, at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Beaux-Arts of Paris (2003), Mendrisio Academy of Architecture (2005/06) and at the ETH Lausanne (2006/07). He is a professor at the ECAL Lausanne and teaches at the School of Architecture of Paris-Malaquais in Paris. He has published „Physiological Architecture“ (Birkhäuser) and is currently working on several projects such as the „Winter House“ for Fabrice Hybert in France and the „Second summer“ in Austria.