Herzliche Einladung zu den Veranstaltungen der Städelschule!

Der Vortrag von Thomas Wagner wird Krankheitsbedingt auf das kommende Sommersemester verschoben.
Due to illness the lecture by Thomas Wagner has to be postponed to the summer term.

Wolfgang Tillmans
Wednesday, 23rd January, 19h, Aula

Der Vortrag findet in englischer Sprache statt.

In this lecture Wolfgang Tillmans will present his recent works 'Lighter', 'truth study centre' , 'Memorial for the Victims of Organised Religions' and 'paper drop'. He will also talk about museum exhibitions he did in the US in 2006/07 among others in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington.

Paola Pivi: It’s a Cocktail Party
Thursday, 24th January, 19h, Studios Daimlerstrasse 32-36

Der Vortrag findet in englischer Sprache statt.
Die Daimlerstrasse erreichen Sie u.a. mit der Straßenbahnlinie 11.

Pivi has a reputation for realizing large-scale projects that highlight absurd aspects of our everyday world, confronting the viewer with unanticipated and spectacular situations. Her works place well-known objects in unusual contexts, imparting to them a modified meaning and function, thus exhibiting cultural and social conventions. Paola Pivi realizes conceptions and ideas of structures the viewer would not ordinarily get to see. The spectacular is here balanced with a certain Romantic notion of an inversion of all things. During the past few years, Pivi has been represented at important international group shows such as the 1999 and 2003 Venice biennials. In early 2007, Paola Pivi first presented her work in the German-speaking world with a major solo exhibition at Kunsthalle Basel.

The exhibition in Portikus opens Friday, 25 January, 8 p.m..

the Architecture Class presents:

Designed Materiality - Public Lecture Series Winter Semester 2007-8
a series of lectures addressing the contemporary status of architecture in relation to material and design technologies.

Elke Genzel / Pamela Voigt: Plastic Buildings
Thursday, 24th January, 19h, Aula

Alle Veranstaltungen der Architekturklasse finden in englischer Sprache statt.

The literature on the history of plastic buildings - or buildings made of fiber-reinforced polymer composite - is scarce. The book, Kunststoffbauten: Teil 1: Die Pioniere, is a precious contribution to this literature, and on Thursday 24.01., the authors, Elke Genzel and Pamela Voigt, present the book in a double-bill lecture.

Particularly the first historical phase, lasting from about the mid-1950s to the international oil-crisis in 1973, is important and interesting. The period included the first ever buildings with these materials and comprised aesthetic and cultural dimensions reflecting the groundbreaking advances that underlie phenomena such as "the Space Age." It is precisely this period that Genzel and Voigt address, and they examine the architectural results in a dual fashion with parallel chapters on, respectively, the architecture and the engineering of select buildings.

The lectures of Genzel and Voigt present accompanying material to the current lecture series that attempts to unfold the contemporary status of material, geometry and design. In fact, the subject of Genzel and Voigt, is a fundamental pivot point in recent architectural history. The history of fiber-reinforced polymer composites, despite the renaissance of these materials and material culture at large in architecture, remain a hidden treasure for a new and alternative approach to architectural production.

The Städelschule Architecture Class Lecture Series is supported by the Architekten- und Stadtplanerkammer Hessen.