kitchen show #2

kitchen show #2
SOFT SHOULDERS / A Sonic Experiment
Mit Lan Cao, Clémentine Coupau, Gailė Griciūtė, Aki Kitajima, Melanie Matthieu, Thùy-Hân Nguyễn-Chí, Gregor Siedl
Samstag, 28. Mai 2016, 20 Uhr, Lichthalle

Cleaning the kitchen, counting the days
We seek out liminal space
to indulge in this dark lobate database
Polycentric ripples, schisms on repeat
like soft shoulders gentle on the feet
Ping-pong has become obsolete
Solo scrabble is the new trick or treat
sleeps inside continuity
How to think radical uncertainty?
Tedium and tears nourish me, delicately consume me
The proliferation of C
C as in A plus B
A as in too much hyperlinks
B as a messy metabolism
equals lethargic magnetism

kitchen show #2 is part of the series of exhibitions and performances curated by Felix Bröcker, which is conceived in relation with the film kitchen at Städelschule.

Sponsored by Heinz und Gisela Friederichs Stiftung.